Our online questionnaire

We use an online information-gathering tool called CareerStorm Navigator™, launched in 2003 and available exclusively through professional advisers.

It’s not a test, and it won’t benchmark you against some population. Think of it as a high quality, user-friendly electronic notebook which will prompt you to think concretely and creatively about your situation, your destination, your interests, your skills, your style and your values.

You will access it privately over the internet, and work with it at the pace and intensity that suit you. You can return to it whenever you want, over a four-month period, to change what you’ve written, add to it or print it off.

About CareerStorm

CareerStorm is based in Helsinki and complies with EU regulations, for example on data privacy. The development team, including psychologist Heidi Viljamaa, have specialised since 1998 in creating web-based career tools – they also designed the service used in over 14 countries by Monster.com. Find out more about them and CareerStorm Navigator™ here.

For a professional perspective on underlying principles, see the chapter by Heidi Viljamaa, Wendy Patton and Mary McMahon (Constructivist career tools on the internet), chapter 15 in Career Counselling: Constructivist Approaches (eds. Mary McMahon and Wendy Patton, Routledge, London, 2006).