Longer-term support for ledge-jumpers

Sam Hill, a Chicago management consultant turned novelist, has a word for people (like himself) who make big lateral career shifts. He calls them ‘ledge-jumpers’.

Is doing something wild always a good idea? Definitely not!

I’m not here to push you off. My job is to help clients become clearer and more energised about how they want to focus in the next period ahead.

If jumping now is not the right thing for you, that’s probably because there’s something else more energising right where you are. Together, we’ll find it.

But if we’re going over the edge... unlike jumping, a lateral career shift can be time consuming. It may involve years of preparation or retraining. That’s why, if you’re inclined to make a big change, we’ll discuss in detail what kind of support would work best for you. Some people will need coaching. For others, friends, family or colleagues – carefully and creatively approached – might provide all the encouragement they need. But I won’t sell you coaching myself – specifically so that I can advise you impartially.

"My goal with clients is not to help them jump. It's to help them jump if jumping is the right thing for them to do"